Here we explain what rights has consumer when he/she observes, that purchased goods have defect(s).


   1. Where to apply when the purchased goods have defect(s)?
   2. What to do when I don’t have the purchase cheque (I purchased goods from the market) or I have lost the purchase cheque?
   3. How much time I have to apply to the trader?
   4. When I must inform the trader about the defect(s) of the purchased goods
   5. What is my right to demand from trader?
   6. How to show the defect of a goods to trader?
   7. How to apply to trader - orally or in written?
   8. How to write a complaint?
   9. Who must affirm the cause why a defect arised?
  10. What to do when a defect appeared after six months usage of thing?
  11. In what cases consumer has the right to ask his/her money back?
  12. I don't agree with the solution of the problem presented by trader, it is now only possibility to start legal proceedings against trader?

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