The project is focused on gathering and providing clear, understandable, concentrated and easily accessible information concerning sustainable consumption, consumer rights and environmental issues. The main purpose of the Project is to develop the quality and innovation in the educational systems for life-long learning by means of educational cooperation and development projects, to strengthen and develop Nordic educational cooperation and contribute to the establishment of a Nordic - Baltic educational area. The purpose of the e- learning is to form general consumers’ perception about virtual learning, to train how to understand and master the knowledge, to analyze and make decisions, and gain practical skills in the abovementioned areas. Our aim is to provide individuals with the knowledge, aptitude and skills necessary to become questioning and informed consumers.


The proposed subject area of the project – “Sustainable lifestyle: how much does the knowledge cost?” is adult consumer education in the areas of sustainable consumption, consumer rights and environment protection. In the frames of this project we have created a learning module for life-long learning, which is designated for E-education and will be perceived as a part of a person’s general education. These modules will be supported through the use of IT that will develop the technological skills, sustainable consumption, consumer rights and environment protection issues, knowledge and skills of adult learners needed in order to live in contemporary consumerist society.


Expected outcome (what do you expect to benefit from the project)

The created virtual (CD) and printed manuals for consumers on the topics of sustainable consumption, legislation and law concerning consumer related affairs and environmental issues.
Virtual and printed manuals for consumers will develop the knowledge, understanding and skills that everyone needs in order to live in a consumer society. It will equip members of our society to:


  1. Interpret and analyze consumer information and make informed, discerning and responsible consumer choices;
  2. Know their consumer rights;
  3. Develop the confidence and skills to complain effectively and resolve problems;
  4. Seek help and advice when needed;
  5. Understand the vulnerable ecosystem of the world and wisely manage its resources and personal waste;
  6. Recognize the wider social and economic impact of our consumer decisions.

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MTÜ Tarbijate Koostöökoda
Tel: +372 5300 6193 (info), +372 5845 2323 (nõustaja)
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